BREAKING: Federer has withdrawn from the Madrid Open due to a back injury

Shocking News: Roger Federer withdraws from Madrid due to back injury.  Federer said, “I arrived and I was okay, and then I practiced on Saturday and hurt my back a little bit in practice and then stopped early. Supposed to practice for two hours; had to stop after an hour and 15. Then, well, I was scheduled to practice yesterday and today, but just don’t feel like I can practice.”

“At this point, I don’t want to take more chances as I know I’m not going to be fully ready for Wednesday,” he said. “I would rather play it safe and rest up now and get ready for Rome — so that’s the schedule here now.”

He Says he’ll play Rome. “Normal back things I’ve had in past, Not as bad as before Davis Cup final. I’m okay with it, at least I know what it is.”
“I’ve been putting a lot of hours in. Now also the last two weeks, I was back on the clay even though it was cold in Switzerland. Maybe that didn’t help my back. I’m not sure, but I practiced there for many days as well. From that standpoint, I’m ready and okay. I don’t need always a lot, lot of matches to feel 100 percent ready.”

‘I was always gonna wait for Madrid’s result to decide about Rome but now Rome is a goal. Let’s see how my body reacts’. “If I can’t play Rome it’s not the end of the world, but hopefully I’ll get to play”, The goal is to play rome and arrive there hopefully early – Federer

Had previously withdrawn from Rotterdam, Dubai, Indian Wells, and Miami this year.


Get Well Soon Maestro!

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