This is how players of your team will score points throughout the whole tournament.

Unseeded players score the highest number of points when they win.

Also lower seeded players players score more than higher seeded players when they win.

Loss points:

Loss for any player: 0 points

Win points:
Win for seeded player defeating unseeded player : 5 points

Win for lower seed player beating higher seed player(excluding top 4): 10 points

Win for seeds 1-4 beating players seeded between 1-4: 15 points *

Win for seeds 5-8  beating players seeded between 1-4: 25 points

Win for seeds 9-16 beating players seeded between 1-4: 30 points

Win for higher seed player beating lower seed player: 5 points (except when * applies)

Win for unseeded player defeating unseeded player: 10 points

Win for unseeded player defeating 9-16: 20 points

Win for unseeded player defeating 5-8:  30 points

Win for unseeded player defeating 1-4:  50 points

Bonus points:

Straight sets victory: 10% of points in the same match

Bagel (6-0 set): 50% of points in the same match for each bagel
Runner-up:  10 points
Champion:  25 points

All walkovers: 5 points and no bonuses.

Retirements: Normal points as in win or loss. Straight sets bonus counts if winner did not lose a set. Bagel bonus applies too.

Tie Breaker:

If 2 teams score the same number of points, the team which has the lowest ranked player will win the tie. If that is not enough to break the tie, the ranks of the 2nd lowest ranked players are compared to break the tie.

If 2 teams are identical, the team submitted first will win the tie.

For a Clear Understanding of how the ‘SCORING POINTS‘ works please check here

For the list of players and Wimbledon draw please refer “DRAW & PLAYERS


1. You must choose a team of 7 players.

2. Your team must have only 1 player seeded between 1 to 4.

3. Your team must have only 1 player seeded between 5 to 8.

4. You can only have 2 players from Top 8 seeds.

5. Your team must have at least 2 unseeded players (Not in 1-16 Ranks). please referDRAW & PLAYERSpage for Unseeded players list.

6. You can choose more than 2 Unseeded players.

Example Teams:

1. Novak Djokovic (1-4), Jo Wilfried Tsonga (5-8), Marin Cilic (9-16), J.M.Delpotro (Unseeded), G.Dimitrov (Unseeded),