1. Register by writing your name and your team name and your 5 players in the Form Given Below before 11:59pm GMT on August 6th, 2016.

2. Changes to team will not be accepted after deadline.

3. You can add teams after the deadline too! But if your player has already started his match, his points will be counted only from the next round.

4. The performances of  all your 5 players will be counted to your total points in each round.

5. Participants accumulate points everyday as per the rules indicated in the scoring points page.

6. Fantasy game ends on August 14th.



1. You must choose a team of 5 players.

2. Your team must have only 1 player seeded between 1 to 4.

3. Your team must have only 1 player seeded between 5 to 8.

4. You can only have 2 players from Top 8 seeds.

5. Your team must have at least 2 unseeded players (Not in 1-16 Ranks). please referDRAW & PLAYERSpage for Unseeded players list.

6. You can choose more than 2 Unseeded players.

Example Teams:

1. Novak Djokovic (1-4), Jo Wilfried Tsonga (5-8), Marin Cilic (9-16), J.M.Delpotro (Unseeded), G.Dimitrov (Unseeded),

For a Clear Understanding of how the ‘SCORING POINTS‘ works please check here

For the list of players and Wimbledon draw please refer “DRAW & PLAYERS