The Most Exciting Comeback in the Tennis World; and it belongs to Roger Federer

The last time we saw Roger Federer play, was in the Australian Open 2016 Semi Final against Novak Djokovic, almost 75 days ago, which he eventually lost. He had been playing sublime tennis till then and there were many moments of pure wizardry, sheer delight and ecstasy. The loss was most certainly heart-breaking, He could have won but it was just bad day at the office.

Now, after almost 75 days, Federer is set to make a comeback on the ATP world Tour. After being sidelined from competitive tennis for more than 2 Months because of a surgery to repair torn meniscus on his knee, which he reportedly suffered a day after his semifinal loss to Novak Djokovic, Federer seems to be ready for his 1st match on Tuesday against Garcia Lopez in the 2nd Round of Monte Carlo Clay Masters. It will be intriguing to see how Federer comes back after surgery.
He tweeted this development, in a typical Federer style, a story with emojis, much to the shock and amusement to his fans.



“I woke up, I don’t exactly remember what happened. I think I was going to run a bath for the girls. I made a very simple movement, turned back, and heard a click in my knee. I went to the zoo. My Left leg was swollen. I came back and had an MRI done in Switzerland. Saw a doctor right after the MRI. He said I had to have surgery on Tuesday. I did that in Switzerland. Here I am seven weeks and two days later. I am so disappointed to have to miss Rotterdam and Dubai as they are two of my favourite tournaments on the ATP World Tour,” said Federer, who is the reigning champion in Dubai having won the title for the seventh time last March.

“While this is an unfortunate setback, I feel grateful that up until now I have remained mostly healthy throughout my career,” the Swiss added. “My doctors have ensured me that the surgery was a success and with proper rehabilitation, I will be able to return to the Tour soon.”

He had been tweeting his rehab progress quite a lot, he also posted a video of him hitting on court.

Federer was expected to come back in Miami masters itself, but he had withdrawn at the last moment citing Stomach Virus, making his fans wait for 2 more weeks to watch him wield his magic on court.

He has been in Monte Carlo to practice since the past 10 days. He said he feels fine and is ready to play. He does not see his recent lack of matches as an issue.

“It’s like starting the season, so if you’re physically fine and you’re fresh mentally – as I am now – there’s no reason why you can’t win,” he said.

“Maybe you’re lacking a bit in the key moments because your confidence is different. But I have the confidence as I’ve played well over the past six months. And it’s the start of the clay-court season so it’s new for everybody. Here I’ve had lots of time to prepare so I’m really ready for this tournament.”

His fans have been waiting with bated breath to see their idol back in action. When someone as dominant and consistent as Federer, is out of action for a long time, it feels like the universe is spinning backwards or time has ceased to exist. His consistency is unmatchable and it’s hard to imagine tennis without his artistic and graceful balletic movements on the court and his aesthetic and precise shots. And it’s not just the fans, but also the veterans of the sport and the media, everyone wants to see him make a successful comeback. Everyone roots for him! The crowd support for him at any tournament is usually about 95 percent at least. We all are waiting to see him healthy and playing at a high level soon and Monte Carlo will be the perfect Launchpad for him to test his knee. We sure hope he can make a successful comeback, just like Michael Jordan once did, and, win titles like him. Today, as he plays his first match, we are all going to be ecstatic and super excited to see him play again and see him weave pure magic on court again.

If you are a Roger fan and you are as excited as us, please do share it with us through comments in the comment box.

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